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Questions about Ripcords®

Can I really get ripped from the Circuit7®?
Absolutely! It is the world champion, Michael McDonald’s personal routine, using the scientifically proven vertical progression technique incorporating every major muscle group in just 7 minutes. And because it’s fast and efficient, it delivers cardio too.
Will I get too bulky with the Ripcords®?
It is often females who ask this question, as they are concerned about becoming overly muscular, because they don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. Well don’t worry; Ripcords® will give you healthy, active muscles with the sleek, sexy tone everyone is after.
Michael McDonald looks like he’s working really fast on T.V. - What if the Circuit7® is too fast for me?
The Circuit7® DVD includes a walkthrough section, which explains and demonstrates all of the exercises at a slower pace. We recommend that you begin with the walkthrough section until you are comfortable with each of the individual exercises. Then, when you are ready, you can move on to the entire full-speed Circuit7® routine.
What’s the difference between the colored bands?
Each band signifies a different thickness, and therefore a different tension. The color system works: Yellow (very light), Orange (light), Green (medium), Red (heavy), Blue (very heavy), and Black (extreme).
How durable are Ripcords® and will they break?
Ripcords® use the strongest tubing possible, and are tested and retested to ensure they last longer than anything on the market. However, Ripcords® are still susceptible to regular wear and tear, much like a pair of shoes. For the average user training with Ripcords® 3 times a week, one cord will generally last approximately 5 years. Ripcords® will eventually break, but they will usually give plenty of warning by beginning to slowly wear out and fray before any actual breakage happens.

But should any cords break within your warranty period, don’t hesitate to contact us for a replacement.

I would like to lose weight, will these Ripcords® achieve weight loss goals?
You will want to order the 4 pack (or 5 pack) so that you have enough resistance to build the lean muscle to increase your metabolism (blue cord in the 4 pack) as well as having the lighter cords to allow her to do the high repetitions to burn extra calories, keep your heart rate elevated and to perform the Circuit7® at the intensity and speed required to maximize total calorie output. In addition to using the cords, she should do jumping jacks, running in the spot, speed walk, jog and also reduce her calorie input for every meal.
How long does it take to ship? Or arrive?
All orders are processed on the same day and generally ship out, either the same or next business day. Orders usually arrive within 7 – 10 business days.
Is this Video a DVD or VHS?
It is a DVD. It includes beginner and expert Circuit7® routines which are a part of Michael McDonald’s personal training regimen.
What area are you from?
Our company is based in Vancouver B.C. Canada. We also have representatives in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.
Is there a quantity discount if I order a certain amount of Ripcords®?
If you would like to order more than $350 of Ripcords products you are entitled to our wholesale pricing.

It is free shipping for orders over $600. Contact us for information on orders over $3000.

Do you have a ripcord that is heavier than the “Black Sniper”?
Unfortunately, currently we don’t have a ripcord that’s heavier than the Black Sniper.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally. Although, we assume no responsibility for international custom fees or brokerage fees and can not guarantee delivery times which may take up to 4 – 6 weeks.
Can I combine the Ripcords® and use 2 cords at the same time during a workout?
Ripcords® come with built in handles that provide up to 60 lbs of resistance, which for exercise bands is enough resistance for most exercises. We do not recommend using 2 cords at the same time during a workout. It also may not be safe to use two Ripcords® at once as it may be difficult when doing some exercises.
What shipping methods do you offer?
With Priority Mail USPS (Value Shipping): 7-10 business days
Fed Ex Ground (Expedited Shipping): 3-7 business days.
Insurance available on all methods for a flat rate
How do I return my Ripcords® if I'm unsatisfied.
If you are returning your product, please include your full name and the email address you purchased with and state that you are returning the Ripcords®.

Once you have shipped your package to us, contact us, letting us know that you are returning your item(s) and be sure to include your tracking code for your shipment to ensure it wont be lost in the mail.

How do I get a replacement if my Ripcord breaks?
Activate your warranty by going to Then contact us with your replacement request.
Are Ripcords® safe to use?
Ripcords are made to the highest standard in manufacturing to ensure safety. Before using Ripcords you must read and understand our Disclaimers. Always consult a doctor before beginning using Ripcords® or any new fitness product or routine.
What is the length of a Ripcord®?
All Ripcords® exercise cords are approximately 4.5 feet in length with a maximum stretch up to 2 times its natural length.
What are the measurements of a Ripcords® Travel Bag?
Length – 13″
Width – 8″
Depth – 8″