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The Human Trainer® X-50 FAQ

What is The Human Trainer X-50?
The Human Trainer X-50 Program is an instructor guided Cross Training workout series, which motivates and teaches you how to integrate the most versatile and functional training tools in combination with bodyweight movements to ignite your body’s metabolism and get in the best shape of your life.

The Human Trainer X-50 training series offers 14 unique workouts with both a 60 minute and 30 minute beginner and advanced workout option, designed to build a healthier and more functional body. Each training workout incorporates unique and challenging exercise sequences to avoid repetition and adaptation to achieve the best results. This comprehensive Cross Training Program is specifically designed to build lean muscle, increase strength, improve agility and mobility, and burn fat.

I would like to lose weight, will The Human Trainer X-50 Program achieve weight loss?
Yes. The Human Trainer X-50 is designed to allow all body types and fitness levels to rapidly burn away calories and build lean, toned muscles. As muscle burns more calories than fat, The Human Trainer X-50 will help increase your basic metabolic rate and aid with weight-loss. Within weeks of using The Human Trainer X-50, you will notice significant improvement in your level of fitness, your appearance, and flexibility.
Can I really get ripped from The Human Trainer X-50 Training Program?
Yes, The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training Program is designed by Fitness professionals who have selected only the best exercises that will give your body the very best results. Follow the meal plans and nutrition advice in the included Nutrition Guide and follow each workout as indicated and you will soon see the shredded physique you are after. The only limitation of The Human Trainer X-50 is how hard you are willing to train with it.
Will I get too bulky withThe Human Trainer X-50 Training Program?
The Human Trainer X-50 is designed to give you healthy, toned muscles that are strong and flexible. Many women are concerned about looking too muscular or like a bodybuilder. Rest assured, The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training Program can be used to meet a variety of fitness goals, whether your aim is to lose weight, increase flexibility, bulk up or tone.
If i'm a beginner is The Human Trainer X-50 program right for me?
The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training Program is designed for every fitness level. Everyone from a complete beginner to an elite athlete can use The Human Trainer X-50 with complete confidence. The instructors will guide you through each workout and will motivate and teach you proper technique to prevent injury and get in the best shape of your life. Each training workout has a beginner and advanced user as well as a Short (30 minute) and Long (60 minute) routine. With The Human Trainer X-50 you can control precisely how difficult you want to make each exercise and if you want to follow the beginner or advanced version.
If i'm an elite athlete will the program be too easy?
The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training Program will challenge and test even the most conditioned athletes. The advanced exercise HIIT workouts are designed to push even the most elite athletes to further develop their muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning like no other program.
How much space do I need to complete my workouts?
Each of The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training workouts can be completed safely and efficiently in as little as 8 feet by 10 feet of available space along with access to a door frame to mount your Human Trainer Suspension Trainer. For the safest and most optimal use, exercise in an area with a surface that is non-slip and free of potential hazards.
Is this workout series available in Digital Content, VHS, DVD or BlueRay?
The Human Trainer X-50 training series is available only in Digital Content. Simply LOG IN to the internet via any computer, tablet, or Smart Phone device to access your content and begin your workout.
Does the The Human Trainer X-50 Program come with a manual?
Yes. The Human Trainer X-50 Training Program comes with a Workout Manual and Nutrition Guide. The digital manual that can be downloaded from your online subscription account and provides directions for exercise safety, training workouts and how to successfully perform the 50 Day Cross Training series. The digital manuals provide exercise photos, nutrition information, body assessment guidelines and a 50 Day follow along Training Guide. The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro and the Agility X-Training Kit also include a detailed user manual.
What training equipment is required to perform all the exercises in The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training workouts?

  • The Human Trainer® Suspension Gym (as featured) OR similar suspension training device
  • Ripcords® Resistance Band ( as featured) OR similar commercial quality resistance tube with handles
  • Agility Ladder- minimum 9 Foot Section
  • Agility Cones OR markers
  • Jump Rope- nylon, rubber, or leather – 8 foot length or adjustable style

No equipment?… no problem! We’ve got you covered.

What is included in our Agility X-Training Kit?

  • Agility Ladder (2 X 9 Feet clip together sections)
  • Includes 4 Metal Ground Pegs
  • Set of 10 – X-Training Cones
  • 2 Instructional DVDs (Agility Ladder Drills & X-Training Cones)
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Carry Bag
What resistance level is recommended for the RipCord Resistance Band?
In The Human Trainer X-50 workouts we use our Orange – Light Tension resistance band with approximately 8 – 14 lbs of resistance.

All weights are approximate because tension fluctuates depending on one’s height, the exercise, and how far a cord is stretched. Approximate weights refer to the tension for each arm when in a standing position with the cord evenly underneath the feet.

Are Ripcords available in other resistance levels?
Yes. Ripcords comes in 8 different resistance tensions (Purple,Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Platinum).


How long does it take my products to ship?
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Do you ship Internationally?
Astone Fitness ships internationally from warehouse locations in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Please note that any customs, taxes or duties imposed by the country of ultimate destination and any other such fees are the sole and full responsibility of the customer.
What shipping methods do you offer?
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Who is Astone Fitness/The Human Trainer®?

Astone Fitness has been in business for 10 plus years and specializes in providing the highest quality, portable fitness equipment and customized training programs for those interested in getting and staying fit, at home or on the go. We are independently owned and operated, with our head office in Vancouver, Canada, warehouses in Canada, the US and the UK. We are proud to have International Distributors representing our our brands from many different countries.

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