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The Human Trainer FAQs

About the Human Trainer

What is The Human Trainer?
The Human Trainer is a portable suspension gym. It is the leader in the newest generation of suspended, body weight training systems that gives you the potential to have a completely customized workout. The Human Trainer is designed to allow you to combine cardiovascular and resistance training while constantly engaging your core muscles. The Human Trainer is a complete training system that allows you to effectively target every muscle in the human body.
Why are there 5 D-rings on the Main Straps?
The Human Trainer’s patented design features the Modular Clipping System. The D-Ring Quick Clips found on the Modular Clipping System give you five clip-options that make switching between certain exercises rapid and effortless. These multiple, clip options will make your workout more time efficient and allow you to keep your heart rate up. When working out in more confined environments (such as a narrow hallway), you may find it beneficial to clip to a higher D-Ring in order to allow you to workout in a smaller area. By clipping to a higher D-Ring, you will remain closer to your Anchor Points while exercising.
What materials are The Human Trainer constructed of?
The Human Trainer is constructed with high-grade, industrial- strength materials. The Human Trainer components are made of the highest-grade, soft nylon webbing, Cambuckles, D-rings and Carabiners secured with heavy-duty stitching.
Will the Human Trainer hold my weight?
The Human Trainer is constructed for durability and reliability. It is designed to support up to 1200 lbs or 545 kg (i.e., up to 500 lbs or 227 kg per strap). Always remember to inspect The Human Trainer before each use to confirm that it is in proper working order and that the selected Anchor Points will support the required weight.
What materials are The Human Trainer Main Straps constructed with?
The Human Trainer Main-Straps are constructed with industrial- strength, soft nylon webbing that can hold forces of up to 1200lbs (545kg). The soft nylon does not cut, burn or irritate your skin like more rigid nylon. Please note that Astone Fitness does not recommend testing the weight limits of The Human Trainer. Weight bearing tests are conducted by professionals in controlled environments and any outside testing is not condoned by Astone Fitness. The Human Trainer should only be used for legitimate exercise purposes.
Is The Human Trainer elastic?
No, The Human Trainer is constructed with inelastic, industrial-strength, soft nylon webbing. When performing exercises with The Human Trainer, the resistance your body generates is gravity-based and dependent on body weight and angle. This is not the same as resistance achieved from stretching elastic exercise bands.
What is the difference between the Foot Cradles and the Handles?
The Foot Cradles are designed to allow you to perform various full-body, leg and suspended core exercises with your feet firmly supported. The Foot Cradles are intended to be used for both face up (heel) and face down (tips) exercises with either the heels or tips of your feet resting in the Foot Cradle Strap.

The Handles are designed to be gripped with your hands and are used for the majority of exercises performed with The Human Trainer.

Examples are chest-presses, body weight rows, bicep curls, overhead triceps press, dips and pull-ups. Having multiple sets of Handles will increase the efficiency of your workouts by allowing you to move rapidly between certain exercises that would otherwise require you to detach and reattach the handles (e.g. moving from push-ups on a low D-Ring to pull-ups on a high D-Ring).

How durable is The Human Trainer? Will it break?
The Human Trainer is engineered and constructed to withstand the pressure of high-intensity, suspended, body weight workouts. All the components that make up The Human Trainer are constructed with the highest-grade, industrial-strength materials. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 2-Year Limited Replacement Warranty.

Product Accessories

What is included in the DVD?
The Human Trainer DVD includes:

  • Beginner and Advanced Door Anchor Circuit7 routines (7 minute, full-body, circuit training)
  • Intermediate Versatility Anchor Circuit7 routine (7 minute, full-body, circuit training)
  • Multiple, 4 minute workouts that target different parts of the body;
  • Upper and lower body stretching routines.
What are the Versatility Anchors?
The Versatility Anchors allow The Human Trainer to be set up outdoors as well as a variety of indoor locations. The Dual Versatility Anchors can easily be attached to trees, overhead beams and other sturdy structures, allowing you to take full advantage of The Human Trainer’s versatility and portability. In addition, Versatility Anchors can be used to extend the length of The Human Trainer when using higher Anchor Points.
What are the Ceiling Mounts?
The Ceiling Mounts allow The Human Trainer to easily be set up indoors in a standard, door frame. Ceiling Mounts are designed with the highest-grade materials and are engineered to fit inside a door frame and still allow the door to close. They can also be set up in other indoor locations by securing the Ceiling Mounts to wall studs, overhead beams or ceiling joists. Using Ceiling Mounts allows you to take advantage of The Human Trainer’s range of exercises, by letting you get directly beneath the Anchor Points. This position cannot be achieved with a closed door set up.

Ceiling Mounts give you a variety of options for using The Human Trainer indoors. You can use your Ceiling Mounts for dips, pull-ups, vertical push-ups and dozens of other suspended, body weight exercises.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Ceiling Mounts are in working order and properly installed in a secure location.

What is the benefit of purchasing extra Handles?
Additional handles allow you to have multiple grip positions by attaching to different D-Rings at the same time. This helps speed up transitions between exercises by eliminating the need to switch handles from exercise-to-exercise. Rapid changes between exercises means you can achieve a “superset” in your workout and helps you realize the full potential of The Human Trainer’s patent-pending design.
What are the Ab Straps?
The Astone Fitness Ab Straps are specially designed to allow you to target your abdominal and oblique muscles. They are made with durable, ergonomically-designed straps and padding so comfortably support your elbows and arms. They are fitted with an industrial-strength carabiner which attaches to the D-Rings on The Human Trainer Main Straps. With the Ab Straps, you can train your abdominals and core longer and harder since expending energy on holding onto a handle is no longer necessary. In addition, the Astone Ab Straps increase your range of motion for many other exercises.
Does The Human Trainer Travel Bag hold all the components?
Yes. The Human Trainer Travel Bag is designed to be lightweight and durable with enough space to hold two Door Hooks, two Versatility Anchors, two Main Straps and multiple sets of Foot Cradles and Handles. It is not large enough to carry the Ab Straps. The Human Trainer Travel Bag comes with two attached handles and a removable shoulder strap.
Does The Human Trainer come with a user manual?
Yes. The Human Trainer Kits include a detailed user manual. The manual provides directions for setting up the Dual Anchor Door System and the Dual Anchor Versatility System. The manual provides 40+ sample exercises including Stretching and Flexibility movements (with examples of correct and incorrect techniques) and includes safety and product maintenance instructions.
What are the measurements of a Human Trainer Travel Bag?
Length – 13″
Width – 8″
Depth – 8″

The Human Trainer Purchasing Kits

What comes in The Human Trainer Essential Kit?
The Human Trainer Essential Kit comes with a user manual, 2 Door Hooks, 2 Main Straps, 2 Foot Cradles, 2 Handles and a workout-in-progress door sign.
What comes in The Human Trainer Full Potential Complete Kit?
The Human Trainer Full Potential Complete Kit comes with a user manual, 2 Door Hooks, 2 Versatility Anchors, 2 Main Straps, 2 Foot Cradles, 4 Handles, 2 Ceiling Mounts, 2 Ab Straps, Circuit7 The Human Trainer DVD, a Human Trainer Travel Bag and a workout-in-progress doorsign.
Can I expand my Human Trainer with additional accessories?
The Human Trainer is a highly versatile fitness tool with an expanding line of accessories to unlock additional features.

How To Use The Human Trainer

How do I adjust the level of difficulty for each individual exercise?
The Dynamic Angled Resistance principle allows you to lift as little as 5% and as much as 100% of your body weight. The difficulty can be adjusted instantly by shifting your body forwards or backwards (depending on the selected exercise and desired level of difficulty). In addition, you can change the height of the accessory attachment on the D-Ring Quick Clips to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. For example: when performing a push-up, having the Handle attached to the bottom D-Ring with the Main Straps hanging straight is the most challenging. If you clip the handles to the 2nd or 3rd D-ring, there will be less resistance (your body is now progressively positioned less parallel to the floor).
Can I combine multiple attachment accessories to the Main Straps at once?
With The Human Trainer’s Modular Clipping and D-Ring Quick Clip exercise advantage system, you can have one or more of each of the accessory attachments clipped to the Main Straps at the same time. This allows for rapid changes between exercises.
How much space do I need to use The Human Trainer?
The Human Trainer’s patent-pending design and Modular Clipping System allow you to perform all the exercises within a safe space of 5 feet wide (1.5 metres) and 7 feet (2.15 metres) in length.
When using the Foot Cradles, how far off the ground should they be?
When using The Human Trainer for any suspended exercises with your feet in the Foot Cradles, the bottom of the Foot Cradle straps should be approximately 8-12 inches (20-30 centimeters) off the ground.
How can I secure my Ceiling Mounts? What are the best options?
We highly recommend that you have your Human Trainer Ceiling Mounts professionally installed to ensure that your set up is safe and long-lasting.

Contact us for a copy of the installation instructions Please follow the suggested instructions below.

How to Install The Human Trainer Ceiling Mount Attachments

1) Choose a location between 7 to 10 feet high with a secure ceiling joist, wall stud, or door frame.

2) Always use a stud finder to locate several points along the anchoring location. This will indicate where to install the screws for the ceiling mounts. The suggested width for dual mounts is 18 to 25 inches apart, depending on the width of the door.

3) After you have found a secure location for your ceiling mounts you will need to use a pencil to mark where you will drill holes for the bolts. Hold the ceiling mounts against the surface and mark the center for each hole.

4) Pre-drill the holes where marked using a 15/64 or 1/4 inch drill bit.

5) Place the washer and spring lock washer on the first bolt. Insert the first bolt through one of the two holes on the ceiling mount. Using a drill or wrench, screw into one of the holes you pre-drilled. Ensure you don’t completely tighten the bolt. Repeat for the remaining bolt.

6) Ensure the ceiling mount is in the correct position and fully tighten both bolts.

All Components Pre-installation:


Completed Installation:


Installing in a Door Frame

For installation in a door frame, we suggest you measure 8 inches in from both sides of the frame. Then use a pencil to mark the where to pre-drill the holes. For optimal installation the Human Trainer logo on the ceiling mount should be facing perpendicular to the door.

1. 8″ in from frame pre-hole markers


2. Ceiling mounts installed in a home


Product Benefits

I'm a beginner, is The Human Trainer right for me?
The Human Trainer is designed for every level. Everyone from a complete beginner to an elite athlete can use The Human Trainer with complete confidence. The Dynamic Angled Resistance principle allows you to lift as little as 5% and as much as 100% of your body weight. The difficulty of each exercise can be adjusted by simply shifting your body weight forwards or backwards depending on the desired level of difficulty. Beginners can exercise with very little resistance by remaining more vertical. For more advanced applications, you can exercise more parallel to the ground, thereby increasing the Dynamic Resistance. The Dynamic Resistance created by being suspended with inelastic straps constantly engages your stabilizer muscles. This type of resistance allows beginners and elite athletes’ superior benefits to traditional body weight exercises. With The Human Trainer you can control precisely how much resistance you want to engage.
Can I use The Human Trainer for weight-loss?
Yes. The Human Trainer is designed to allow all body types and fitness levels to rapidly burn away calories and build lean, toned muscles. As muscle burns more calories than fat, The Human Trainer will help increase your basic metabolic rate and aid with weight-loss. Within weeks of using The Human Trainer, you will notice significant improvement in your level of fitness, your appearance and flexibility. In addition, with Circuit7 The Human Trainer workout DVD you will be able to follow along with professionally-designed, circuit workouts that target every muscle in the body.
Will I get too bulky with The Human Trainer?
The Human Trainer is designed to give you healthy, active muscles that are sleek and flexible. Many women are concerned about looking too muscular or too much like a bodybuilder. Rest assured, The Human Trainer can be used to meet a variety of fitness goals, whether your aim is to lose weight, increase flexibility, bulk up or tone.
Can I really get ripped with The Human Trainer Circuit7 workout?
Yes, The Human Trainer Circuit7 workout routines are all designed by professional Fitness Trainers who have tested each individual workout and selected only the best exercises that will give your body the very best results. The only limitation of The Human Trainer is how hard you are willing to train with it.

Warranty & Replacements

How do I get a replacement if any of the components break?
To take advantage of the Human Trainer 2 year warranty, simply contact us to arrange for a replacement.
How do I return The Human Trainer if I'm not satisfied?
If you are returning your product, please include your full name and the email address you purchased with and a written statement that you are returning The Human Trainer. Before you ship your package to us, contact us and let us know that you will be making the return.
Is The Human Trainer covered by a warranty?
Yes. The Human Trainer is backed by a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2 Year Limited Replacement Warranty, in the event of any defects in the products or any of the materials or manufacturing.

Bull Orders, Reseller and Affiliate Programs

Is there a quantity discount if I order a large amount Human Trainers?
Yes, Astone Fitness offers discounts on large quantity wholesale orders. For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at or visit our wholesale fitness products page.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Astone Fitness offers attractive incentives for people interested in promoting The Human Trainer and our other fitness products. For more information check out our fitness products affiliate program page.


What shipping methods do you offer?
We provide a variety of shipment options to meet your delivery needs, calculated automatically based on your address.

All of orders that are received after 1:00 PM PST will be processed the following business day, excluding holidays. For further assistance, please contact us.

Special Notes: In the event that your order (if placed in one transaction) arrives in multiple shipments, you will never be charged additional shipping and handling from what is initially processed at checkout. This situation can occur due to the size of your order and is meant to ensure the product arrives undamaged and within the suggested arrival time.

Astone Fitness always does its very best to ensure your order is delivered within the estimated delivery time, however, these times are not guaranteed as there is always potential for any number of unpredictable delays. These include: International Customs and Duties holds, attempted delivery with no recipient able to receive, P.O Box and APO/FPO address problems, as well as delivery to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other remote locations.

Do you ship internationally?
Astone Fitness ships internationally from one of our locations including Canada, USA, and the UK. Please note that any customs, taxes or duties imposed by the country of ultimate destination and any other such fees are the sole and full responsibility of the customer.
How long does it take to ship and arrive?
All orders placed on business days before 1 PM PST are processed on the same day and will be shipped within 2 business days. Standard delivery orders within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) via FedEx, UPS, SmartPost, or USPS usually arrive within 4-6 business days.
Will there be any customs duties/taxes incurred for Shipping?
It is possible that Duties, Value Added Tax and Import Taxes may be imposed by the recipient’s country. We are unable to include these in your order total as they fluctuate from country-to-country and are not assessed by Astone Fitness, nor do they in any way benefit Astone Fitness. It is important to note, any such additional charges that may be collected for customs clearance, or delivery from a shipping company are the sole responsibility of the recipient.