The Human Trainer® X-50 On Demand


● Unlimited Viewing to Suit Your Schedule

● Pay Only For the Videos You Want

● True Cross Conditioning For Fast Results

● Workouts For Every Fitness Goal

● Bundled 30 and 60 Minute Versions

● Three Levels of Intensity



24-7 Unlimited Access to Your Workout

From Any Internet Ready Device

Easy-to-follow 30 or 60 minute workouts that focus on full body integration to burn maximum calories and build lean muscle, fast. Combine high intensity intervals with a focus on abs and core, functional strength and gentle stretching and flexibility . Real fat-burning, low-impact workouts that create a long, lean and defined body. Suitable for all fitness levels

The Human Trainer® Video Catalog

The Human Trainer® Workouts


Required Equipment:

Human Trainer Essential Kit
(or other Suspension Trainer)

Suggested Equipment:

Exercise Mat
Water Bottle

Agility Ladder and X-Training Cone Workouts


Required Equipment:

Agility Ladder
X-Training Cones
Resistance Band (with handles)
Jump Rope

Suggested Equipment:

Exercise Mat
Water Bottle

Yoga and Bodyweight Workouts


Required Equipment:

Yoga Mat
Resistance Band (Bodyweight)

Suggested Equipment

Water Bottle

Enhance Your Results With Authentic

Human Trainer Functional Training Tools

Agility Ladder & X-Training Cones

The Human Trainer® Suspension Gym

Ripcords® Resistance Bands

Speed Rope & Accessories