Transform Your Body in 50 Days or Less!


The Human Trainer X-50 Cross Training
On Demand Workout Series
will get you FIT … FAST!




The Best Home Fitness Program - The Human Trainer X-50

The Human Trainer X-50 Program is an instructor led Cross Training Program, that will bust you out of your workout rut with it’s HIIT protocol guaranteed to keep you motivated and moving towards your leanest body ever! Each workout integrates key functional training moves in combination with body weight only exercises, in an interval training format to burn maximum calories and torch body fat to get you in the best shape of your life.

The Human Trainer X-50 On-Demand Training Series includes 30 AND 60 minute workout options to suit variable time demands, with beginner and advanced variations, to suit every fitness level. Our expert fitness trainers will motivate and inspire you to give your best as they lead you through this comprehensive Cross Training Program as you build lean muscle, increase strength, improve agility and coordination. Each of The Human Trainer X-50 workouts incorporates unique and challenging exercise sequences, to avoid repetition and adaptation, igniting your body to burn more fat in less time, achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits and to build a healthier, more functional body, with the best home fitness program.

The Human Trainer X-50 On Demand

Digital Workout Collection Includes:

10 Full Body Cross Training Workout

Featuring: Agility Ladder and X-Training Cones, Speed Rope, Ripcords Resistance Bands and The Human Trainer Suspension Gym


2 Body Weight Only Routines


2 Yoga Routines

The best home fitness program offers Power YogaRevitalize and Restore with the best home fitness program

Ultimate Strength Workout

Fast-Feet Fat Burning Workout

Accessible… Any Time, Any Place!

Stream your workout from your laptop, tablet or mobile device, for 24-7 Fitness Concierge Service.

The Human Trainer X-50 digital workout collection is the best home fitness program, and fully compatible with all Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and other media browsers to provide you with the convenience of working out anyplace, anytime. Its like having your very own Private Trainer, to help you get the most from your workout WHEREVER you are: at home, on the road, or at the gym!


I gave The Human Trainer X-50 On Demand Workout Program a try, after hearing so many positives about it, and the results were amazing! The workouts are easy to fit into my life, as a mother of two, running my own home-based business, with the 30 or 60 minute options. Now, I have so much extra energy, feel less stressed, my clothes fit better, and enjoy looking in the mirror. Thank you for making the best home fitness program. It fits my lifestyle and has put me be the best shape of my life!


Age 46

After 15 years of letting myself get out of shape, I was so impressed with how fast I got back INTO shape with the best home fitness program: The Human Trainer X-50 ? 50 Day Challenge. It was so easy to get started and follow the workouts and to challenge myself as my fitness level improved each week. I am now 50 pounds and 30 inches lighter, and feel GREAT! The best part, the go -anywhere workout tools from the Human Trainer have made it easy to stay with my program and keep the weight off, for good!


Age 39